A Mummy / Daughter bond!

Isn’t a Mummy and Daughter bond just the most special kind, you don’t just have a daughter you have a best friend for life!

I absolutely love spending time with my little lady and having lots of cuddles and kisses and the bond between us is great!

When they get a bit older like my little one who’s eight all they want to do is be like their mummy, my little one at the minutes will watch me get ready and will ask if she can have some make up on or can she have her hair like mine, I don’t let her wear make up but isn’t it adorable that they want to be like their Mummy. It makes you feel like you’re doing a good job doesn’t it?

Isn’t that all you dream of as a mum having your daughter as your best friend!

Going on shopping trips together and chatting about anything and everything over a cuppa and cake, being someone they admire and making them feel like they can always come to you for anything!

Being a mum is the best thing you could possible do and it makes you so proud every day watching them grow into an amazing little person and being so close to them is the best feeling! 😍

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