Alziemers sucks!!

Isn’t alziemers so horrible! You not only loose them once but twice, watching somebody you love remember less and less each day until they no longer recognise you is the worst feeling ever and it only gets worse.

When is a grandma not a grandma? When she’s like your mum!

My grandma was the most amazing, selfless, beautiful lady anybody could of met! She took me and my sister in from the age of 2 without any question and treated us like we were her own child, we had such a good childhood thanks to this lady and of course my Grandad. When she first got diagnosed with alziemers it was scary because we hadn’t seen this illness before and diddnt know what it had in store for us all, she started forgetting little things at first then it was things like where the bathroom was in her own home and five minutes after we’d eaten she’d ask what we were going to have for tea, then came the worse part! Forgetting who we all were and that was so hard for us all!

She just got worse and worse until she struggled to eat and drink and got very hydrated so we had to take her into hospital and there we got the worst news! She was dying 😢 there was nothing they could do for her!

Watching someone you love die is so heart breaking! We spent most days and nights taking it in turns to sit with her so she wasn’t by herself and when the bad news came it so was devastating!! Even when you expect it it’s a shock and so heart breaking!!!

Here’s a poem that relates so much to this illness.

Do not ask me to remember

Do not try to make me understand

Let me rest and know you’re with me

Kiss my cheek and hold my hand

I’m confused beyond your concept

I am sad and sick and lost

All I know is that I need you to be with me at all cost

Do not lose your patience with me

Do not scold or curse or cry

I can’t help the way I’m acting

Can’t be different though I try

Just remember that I need you

That the best of me is gone

Please don’t fail to stand beside me

Love me till my life is done.


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