Giant homemade kinder surprise

This was by far the best birthday present Hayley could of got! And the best part? I made it!!! It’s so easy to make and doesn’t have to cost a bomb because you can fill it with anything you want!

I filled this egg with blind bags like shopkins, my little pony, hatchimals and so on but you can use sweets and chocolates the possibilities are endless!!

It’s so easy to make all you need to make it is:

  • Newspaper
  • Plain white paper
  • Pva glue
  • Paint
  • Gifts to fill it
  • One balloon
  • Ribbon

All you do is blow the balloon up to the size you want your egg, cover it in pva glue and cover your balloon with small pieces of newspaper I’d do about 2 layers and then leave it to dry. Once dried do another 2 layers then leave to dry again. Once it’s dry start to layer it in the white paper and do the same again so 2 layers then leave to dry then another 2 layers. Once it’s dry you can then paint it as you like or if you have a printer you could Google the kinger surprise logo, print it off and glue it on the egg and if you’re feeling really crafty you could put the child’s name on it also. After the paint has dried cut a square at the back to enable you to fill the egg with gifts (and pop the balloon)  and cut a small hole in the square you’ve cut and above it and tie ribbon through the holes to keep the square attached properly. You are now ready to fill the egg as you please!

Now sit back and watch your child explode with happiness at the sight of their egg!!!



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