Being a parent!

In her Birthday dress

Being a parent is the most amazing journey you can ever be on! I loved every minute of being pregnant and feeling her moving around and kicking inside my tummy! My big bump came in handy aswell when I was sat with a bowl of cereal perched on it.

When the day comes and you can finally hold that precious bundle of joy that you created in your arms it’s the best feeling in the world! Being a parent for the first time is hard but trust me it’s well worth it, The feeling you get when you get to witness their first smile, first laugh, first walk, first words and so on is amazing and knowing that you created that beautiful amazing child is just the best.

Watching your child grow from a baby, toddler and child is great but don’t you think it goes too fast? it’s like you’ve blinked and BOOM they’re at school and talking about boys and makeup!!

My little one is 8 years old now and on her birthday she said she had decided to call me Mum and not Mummy because she’s a big girl! but I managed to convince her to call me Mummy still because if she called me Mum it means she’s a big girl and it scares the life out of me! Why can’t they stay little for longer??! She may try and act like a big girl but she’s still Mummys little angel, She still asks me to sing lullabys to get her to sleep and to brush her teeth and help put her tights on.

My advice to anyone with children is to enjoy everyday with them and make precious memories!!


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